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Web Forensics was created with one objective in mind.

"Create increased Return on Investment from our customers’ current marketing and sales efforts."

A frequently asked question is how exactly our clients achieve the above. A few of the ways are:

By knowing who has visited their website as a result of their online marketing efforts, you can then follow up these companies to generate appointments and sales. Previously these appointments and sales may have been lost as you would not have been given the intelligence to prioritise contact with these firms.

It allows your sales team to see whether any lapsed or current prospects within the sales pipeline, have since been on your website.

You can see if current clients are searching for your services broadly online – indicating that they are looking to move their contract elsewhere.

It allows you to cross reference website visitors against databases targeted within offline marketing channels, thereby adding greater insight into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

These are just a few of the ways that our clients use the Web Forensics software. These reasons alone, provide a big enough return to pay for the software many, many times over.
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