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Workshop Recruitment

Workshop Recruitment is a leading recruitment company on the South Coast. As a marketing focused company, Workshop focused on driving traffic to their website through a number of lead generation sources. Even though their website was generating a number of enquiries every month, they were very conscious they weren’t able to see all those companies that had been on their site but had not enquired for whatever reason.

How they used the tool

Workshop Recruitment decided to use Web Forensics so they could see who was visiting their site and for exactly what reason. The business development manager was responsible for looking at the analysis each day and would then decide which companies to target depending on the keyword they had searched on when finding the website. As an example, companies would come to the site using the keyword “recruitment of financial controller”. The business development manager then knew they had to speak to the finance director when they called. As well as this, by monitoring the site, Workshop could see if companies that were in their sales pipeline, had been on their site. In the event of this happening, they would then put a call into the client as they knew they were actively looking at Workshop which signified it was a good time to talk. With these two activities combined, Workshop has benefited from a very profitable relationship with Web Forensics.

"What they said"

The decision for Workshop to use Web Forensics was an easy one. One extra deal on an annual basis, would easily cover the cost of the software. Within the first month of using the tool we picked up an additional two vacancies which, once successfully filled, more than paid for the software. Since then we have continued to pick up numerous other roles from the Web Forensics analytics, which have also lead to longer term relationships with clients. I would recommend Web Forensics solution to anyone serious about making the most of their web traffic.

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In2events is one of the most exciting names in creative event management and event solutions. Working with a range of blue chip clients, each enquiry through their website is very valuable.

How they used the tool

In2events saw the value in Web Forensics through being able to see who was visiting their site, which key phrase they used to find them and the pages that they looked at. Once they had this information, they would then call the clients with information about of the sort of event they had indicated an interest in. In addition to the client identification, In2events used the keyword tracker in order to tweak their cost per click campaigns to maximise their budget and increase the quality of traffic they received through their paid listings.

"What they said"

Website enquiries have always been very important to us, but before we spoke to Web Forensics we had never given a great deal of thought to the companies that visited our site but then did not enquire. Since implementing the software, we’ve found on average two additional high quality opportunities every month. A very simple yet effective solution that we look at every day. A great investment.

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