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Welcome to Web Forensics
"Providing an insight into which companies have visited your site."
As a business, you are constantly striving to find new and improved ways of generating quality leads. But what about all those companies that are in the market for your product, have visited your site, but not enquired? What do you do about them? Nothing, because until now, there was no way of knowing who they are. By using Web Forensics software, you will now be able to see exactly which companies have been looking at your website, their own website address, and further details of how to contact them.
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How can Web Forensics benefit your business?

Web Forensics enables you to monitor on a real-time basis, which companies are looking at your website, the search engine they used, and the keyword phrase they typed in, in order to find you. So, not only do you know who has been on your site, you also know what they’re interested in.
Web Forensics adds intelligence to your current online marketing, by making you aware of the numerous companies that have considered your product or service, visited your website, but not converted to enquiry.
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