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As well as the tool that enables you to see the company names, Web Forensics contains additional tools that provide further insight.


The Web Forensics solution will tell you which keywords people are using within the search engines to find your site. There are two benefits to this:


It will assist you in tailoring your website copy for improved search engine optimisation. Very often when companies are writing their website, they will focus on certain keywords that yield very broad traffic. If it becomes apparent that the majority of customers are coming to your site through other search terms, you can then tailor your web copy to appeal to the search terms your clients will be using so that you receive more traffic.

Cost Per Click

If you’re running a Cost Per Click campaign, you may find you’re paying to drive poor quality traffic to your site. An example would be where a company focuses on Spray Painting for shop fronts. If one of your keywords is “spray painting”, you could well be paying for traffic where people type in “car spray painting”.

By using the keyword tool, you can then setup negative keywords on your CPC campaign such as “car spray painting”. This means, your ad will not show when people type in “car spray painting” even though spray painting is one of your keywords. This will allow you to make your budget for quality clicks go further as you’re not wasting any budget on poor quality clicks.
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